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Inservice training on mathematics and science for teachers conducted at SHIPO from 16th to 25th September 2019

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60 Mathematics and science teachers of 20 schools in Ludewa District together with 4 Ward Education Officers benefited from the in-service teacher training conducted at SHIPO from 16th to 25th September 2019. Various topics identified as the most difficult were worked upon under the Vikindu tutors’ facilitation.

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Handing over ceremony of a completed kitchen with dining hall facility – 9th September 2019

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It took only 33 working days for the Madunda community to get a kitchen with dining hall facility construction completed. This has been noted as a new record in implementation of such projects by SHIPO. Gracing the ceremony, the Mawengi ward councilor Hon. Zembwela Willa stated ‘… develop one needs to struggle; we now have got this structure, we need to move ahead having other things by our own efforts’. He wanted the benefiting community to keep and maintain the infrastructure so that it suits the present and the future generation’

212 parents and around 400 pupils attended the event arranged on the 9th September 2019. The ceremony was colored by choir, local ngoma ‘mganda’ and enthusiastic speeches from invited guests.

Students at Madunda had all reasons to smile as what they were dreaming had come true under weworld sponsorship and with SHIPO and Madunda community collective implementation efforts. They will now enjoy the school meals in the new facility.

Chefs will as well prepare the meals comfortably while serving fuel / fire woods and at the same time conserving environment


Category : Community

To sensitize their involvement in unions and federation of their parties for people with disabilities in Tanzania at the regional level


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