2018 Capacity Building for Local Artisans / Entrepreneurs Is Here Once Again!!

2018 Capacity Building for Local Artisans / Entrepreneurs Is Here Once Again!!

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Here we come Again!! ZH2O through SKAT foundation has been supporting a training program organized by SHIPO SMART Centre in Njombe, at the Southern Highlands in Tanzania.

The aim of this year´s training is to reach new artisans and to expand to new areas in Njombe region as well as in the neighborhood regions in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and to provide technical skills to local entrepreneurs in the production and installation of rope pumps and different techniques of manual drilling and hand digging.

The 4-week training will be conducted from the 30th April to the 26th of May at SHIPO. It will consist of a technical part during 2 weeks, 1 week will be optional module and a business part for 1 week.

During the first two weeks the trainees will be provided with the required theoretical background on their respective disciplines i.e. welding and drilling. They will probably be divided into 2 groups of drillers and one group of welders. They will have the opportunity to learn by doing while they are working in teams with the supervision of the trainers. Each welder will produce a complete Rope Pump and group of drillers and diggers will drill one tube well using SHIPO drilling method and dig one well. In addition, they will also be taught on how to combine SHIPO method with jetting. Finally, both welders and diggers/drillers will learn how to properly install a rope pump both in a borehole and in a dug well. The two wells will be drilled and dug nearby SHIPO office; one at a neighbour’s plot, while the other one at a church’s plot, which is considered a good chance for promotion.


The focus of this year’s program is to train new artisans. Some of the artisans belong to existing workshops/drilling groups but most of them are new entrepreneurs who want to start their own business.

New areas, where the SMARTechs have not reached yet, but where there is likely to be strong demand for them were selected. After that, the identification of trainees in those areas was carried out. The different places were visited by the SMART Centre staff and the identified trainees were explained in detail about the goals and conditions of the training. Among the identified artisans, 30 of them have confirmed that they will attend the training. Artisans from Njombe region (Mdandu in Wanging’ombe District, Mawengi in Ludewa District and Bulongwa in Makete district); Iringa region (Igowole, Mafinga, Usokami and Wasa in Mufindi District, and Kilolo in Kilolo District); Ruvuma region (Lilambo in Songea District) and Mbeya region (from Rungwe and Mbozi 3 Districts) will attend the training.

The Training is Organized by SHIPO-SMART Centre in Njombe Tanzania