Boresha Elimu updates Q1 & Q2 2022

Boresha Elimu updates Q1 & Q2 2022

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Category : Community , Education

Summary of activities implemented grouped under project outputs

Improve Parents Engagement on Education Process of the Children

From April to May 2022, SHIPO, in collaboration with the Mbozi District Welfare Office and the Police Gender Desk, held a one-day public awareness meeting in 7 villages identified as having high child labour and violence against children’s rights. By June 2022, School Reports indicated an increase in parent attendance at quarterly school meetings from 1,174 (569-F; 695-M) parents in 2021 to 1,819 (848F; 971M) parents by June 2022.

In April to May 2022, SHIPO held a one-day strategic meeting with child rights and protection commit-tees in the mentioned vulnerable 7 villages to discuss how to address child rights and protection challenges by identifying children at risk and developing a plan to address issues at the school level.

Increased school attendance among girls and boys

From the 20th of May to the 17th of June 2022, 280 girls clubs members, 400 girls and boys (200F; 200M) child rights clubs, and 400 girls and boys (200F; 200M) health and environment clubs students in 20 schools received a one-day refresher training. They are based on the ability to recognize safe contraceptive devices for managing MHM in schools and at home, as well as safe methods for storing and disposing of used menstrual equipment, the relationship between menstrual hygiene and health, the concept of safe menstruation, and menstrual biology. Also, 400 boys were trained about gender competencies including MHM knowledge. 

Improved teaching quality in target schools

The purchase and provision of 31 desks since May 2022. Regarding the type and size of commonly produced desks, the desk-to-student ratio in this Grade-I decreased from 1:5 in an unusual ratio to 1:3 in a normal ratio so as to an improved learning environment observed where 93 boys and girls (47F; 46M) Grade-I students at Igamba Primary School who were seated down during learning in class benefited.