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Category : Climate , Community


1.1. Background information

Southern Highland Participatory Organization (SHIPO) is a non-governmental organization based in Njombe Region. The organization works in three Districts which are Njombe, Wnging’ombe and Ludewa, SHIPO also works in partnership with other organizations in and outside Njombe Region in providing services to the community. SHIPO involves it self 100% to help the government in solving different challenges as part of its responsibility to the community, however SHIPO supports local communities in rural and urban in their efforts to improve their standards and alleviate poverty.


Some projects that SHIPO implements include building infrastructures like; class rooms, teachers houses, kitchen with dining halls, blocks of drop holes for pupils and teachers, building health centers, contraction of gravity water systems and bore holes and other simple technologies, provision of education on health, hygiene and sanitation, getting safe water, rain water harvest and retaining water into the ground.


SHIPO also has a long track of records implementing projects in the education and health sectors. HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, gender and good governance are cross cutting issues taken up in all projects.


More than that SHIPO works to struggle against global environmental issues-climate change where as on 16th December 2022, SHIPO with the community of Ilembula, started the process of establishing Moringa tree nursery at Ilembula village in Ilembula ward -Wanging’ombe District. The activity started with the initiation meeting where by a team of organized farmers who were ready and willing to cooperate with SHIPO in implementing the project were identified. Immediately    after the identification of organized farmers, training on nursery preparation was done, this was accompanied by planting of seeds in nursery. On 20th January 2023, the project was introduced to the government authority where by the District representative sent on behalf of the district Executive Director, ward officers, village leaders and members of the group identified during the initiation meeting attended the project introductory meeting at Ilembula ward hall. On 31st January 2023, there was a conduction of training on planting and management of the moringa tree, but also good governance training was done for the purpose of making proper supervision of the project implementation. This summary report aims to explain what was done during training meeting.

        1.2. Objectives of the training

Following the current global environment issue-climate change which is leading to occurrence of different disasters and the importance of moringa tree, SHIPO with the community of Ilembula decided to cooperate in planting moringa trees as a way of combating climate and perhaps in future the product be a source of income to the community members of Ilembula ward and the neighbour s. basically the training aimed at the following;

  • To train people on how to prepare farms, planting moringa trees and how to take seedlings from the nursery to the farms.
  • Train people on how to maintain and conserve trees, but here it focused on moringa trees the target trees in the area.
  • Training on the supervision of the project (Good governance).

2.0 Achievements

  • The training was attended by all expected/targeted members and potential for the success of the project.
  • The training was facilitated by the right experts of forests and environment from the District and SHIPO.
  • The training was also attended by a forest  retired officer who had great and interesting contributions towards his experience on moringa tree ( he calls a tree of great wonders in the world)