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Following the President’s notice to re-open schools by 29th June 2020; SHIPO adjusted some of its activities to focus on safe re-opening of schools. The re-planning led to implementing activities including:

  • Fabrication and distribution of improved hand washing facilities in all 20 project schools in Ludewa District.
  • Provision of hand wash liquid soap where all the 20 project schools received 25 liters each
  • Installation of water infrastructures to the neediest 6 schools – the activity involved community contributions particularly local materials and labour.
  • Conduction of COVID-19 awareness / sensitization education to all the 20 schools and their associated 15 villages that was done by the use of PA system, printed COVID-19 materials and posters. The sensitization sessions were done by using the specific audios released by the United Republic of Tanzania – Ministry of Health, Community Development, Elderly and Children
  • Printing and dissemination of both posters and the Protocols for safe re-opening of schools to all 20 project schools.

The activities were implemented from mid-June to mid-July 2020 were pupils, parents, teachers and the local government leaders were so grateful for the support from SHIPO and WeWorld

A total of 7617 pupils (3815 boys and 3802 girls) benefited from the undertakings that aimed to combat COVID-19 and ensure their safe stay and learning environment.

SHIPO looks forward to continue working with education and development stakeholders to extend the education endeavors not only to the schools in the project area but the region and our nation at large

Fabricated Improved Hand washing Facilities that were distributed in all the 20 project schools

Water infrastructure installed at Mdete Primary School

Water storage facility installed at Iyunguya Primary School

Mtanzania Newspaper was among the media that released the news showing students using the improved hand washing facilities at Mdete Primary School