Mgala Beekeeping

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Mgala Beekeeping

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Mgala village is among the villages in Njombe Region.Mgala village is under administration of Njombe Town Council.Though it is administered by Njombe Town Council but geographically the village is in a typical rural area about 75km from Njombe town. Villagers are mostly practicing subsistence farming.Poverty is still a challenge in this village,its even more challenge to vulnerable groups like widows,orphans etc.Apart of having poor community members but the village is blessed of having natural forests and arable land. The Total number of people living in Mgala village is 370 where there are 142 men and 228 women.

Other objectives of the project include; Adding value to natural forest, Provide knowledge to poor women and foster parents on entrepreneurship and bee keeping skills, and to create small income generating projects through beekeeping in the village.

Project components

The project consists of two components:

1.Training of the Mgala Women and fosters parents Group on Entrepreneurship and beekeeping

2.Improving income generation activities through beekeeping.