Raleigh Hygiene Latrines for Nundu and Peruhanda

Project Name:

Raleigh Girls Hygiene Latrines

Project Code:


Project Donor:

Raleigh International

Project Time Frame:

April to December 2016

Project Location:

Nundu village, Yakobi Ward in Njombe District  / Peruhanda village, Mjimwema Ward in Njombe District.


Girls Pupils at Peruhanda and Nundu primary school


Aim to support rural communities to deliver hygiene education and health awareness activities, demonstrations and training to promote improved hygiene behaviour change. A gender specific toilets block will be constructed in two primary schools in order to Improve school attendance and achievement rates amongst female pupils.

It will directly benefit 450 young girls pupils and aims to achieve a 15% increase in the number of girls completing their education at the targeted schools.

Organizations/ Businesses/ Government Agencies Involved in Implementation of the Project:

  • Releigh Tanzania,
  • Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO),
  • Njombe Town Council (NTC),
  • Peruhanda and Nundu Village.

Project Status:

The project ended and handed over successful to the targeted society of Nundu and Peruhanda Villages.