Water storage infrastructure in 9 schools in Ludewa

Project Name

Water storage infrastructure in 9 schools in Ludewa

Project Code


Project Donor


Project Budget

Tshs 38,219,240.00

Project timeframe

May 2021 – November 2021.

Project location

This project was located in Ludewa district, specifically in Figanga, Mbwila, Itundu, Kiyombo, Wecha, Lupande Milo, Masaula and Sambala primary schools.

Project beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of the project are 2779 pupils (1409 girls and 1370 boys), the teachers and some households nearby some of the schools like Masaula, who now count with a reliable source of water.

Project description

The objective of the project was to construct water storage infrastructures and water points in 9 primary schools and connect them to the existing and nearest water distribution networks to improve the access to water in the schools.

The main project activities were 1) the technical assessments, 2) sensitization meetings, 3) Preparation of materials and tools, 4) Construction works and 5) Handing Over Ceremonies in the 9 schools.

Organizations / Businesses / Government Agencies Involved to implement the project

  • AURA
  • Local government authorities of Ludewa
  • Ludewa district

Project Status

Water storage infrastructures have been successfully installed in 9 primary schools, in 2 schools more than initially planned, benefiting 2779 pupils, who now have a better access to a reliable source of water. The project has been completed without any technical complication. Minor challenges with some of the communities in some specific activities included supporting the masons and technical personnel and in trench digging. However, the fact that SHIPO has been working with these communities for 7 years has been a big advantage to the project. Involving RUWASA, Ludewa district and the LGA-s has also been key to ensure the sustainability of the project in the future.