Water Resource Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI)

Improve health and water supplies management to 89,468 people in Tanzania through support of 22 existing Community Owned Water Supply Organizations (COWSOs) in 30 villages of Njombe District Council.

Project Code


Project Donor


Project Budget

Tshs 292,138,856 out of which Tshs 255,239,774 were provided by USAID and tshs 36,899,082 by grantees.

Project Time Frame

Implementation: June 2018 to June 2019

Project Location

This Project was located at 22 villages in Njombe region: Igongolo/Kivitu, Itipingi, Ibiki, JM Makweta secondary school/upami/ilengititu, Ibumila/Ikando, Ikuna, Ninga, Kidegembye, Image, Matembwe, Wanginyi, Lupembe, Igombola, Ikondo, Nyave, Ukalawa, Madeke, Mfriga, Itambo, Iwafi, Lwanzali, Tove-Mtwango, Ikang’asi, Welela, Nyombo, Isitu, Kichiwa and Maduma.

Project beneficiaries

89,468 people part of 22 existing COWSOs.

Project Description

This project addresses issues relating to improvements of water supplies and health in the community through conducting community awareness raising activities and build to all expected/ and registered COWSOs the capacities to manage and govern water resources, adaptation to the impacts of climate change, improving hygiene and sanitation and inclusion of women and youths in community development projects especially in COWSOs formation, registration, formulation, operation and maintenance.


  1. Start-up Activities /LGA and other stakeholders to determine WASH situation at Njombe District Council (initial assessment)
  2. Develop local government authority (LGA) capacity Building Plan for COWSO and Preparation Training Modules
  3. Capacity Building and Implementation of COWSO Action Plan
  4. On-going COWSO District Action Plan

Organizations / Businesses / Government Agencies Involved to Implement the Project

  • SHIPO Tanzania
  • LGAs
  • Communities
  • COWSOs leaders
  • Water supply attendants (including artisans)
  • CWST
  • Registrar
  • WARIDI team

Project Status

The Project was successfully completed.

Project report