Water Aid Ibumila and Ikando

Project Name: SNV COWSO and LGA Strengthening

Project Code: TZNJ086A

Project Timeframe: September 2012 to March 2013

Project Donor: Water Aid

Project Location: Ibumila and Ikando villages in Njombe District

Project Beneficiaries: Ibumila and Ikando Communities

Project Description:

SHIPO and WATER AID Tanzania were agreed to implement this project for the aim of Improving water availability to these two villages of Ibumila and Ikando. WATER Aid was the Donor for this project which was implemented by SHIPO.

The SHIPO (Senior) facilitators were responsible for mobilizing, sensitizing, organising and co-facilitating communities in Ibumila and Ikando Communities.

The project was based on implementing the followings:

  • Establishment of the Community Owned Water Society Ordanisation (COWSO) in these two villages of Ibumila and Ikando
  • Construction of Water intake
  • Building for the water pump
  • Canal water digging and
  • Construction of water tank
  • Construction of 15 water point (domestic points)
  • Fixing Pipes
  • Training on sustaintainabilty of water project, health and environment cleanliness
  • Conservation of water source
  • Construction of rain water harvesting for irrigation
  • Construction of house and fixing gutter for rain water harvesting

Organization/ Business/ Government Agencies Involved to Implement the Project:

  • Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO)
  • Njombe District Council
  • Ibumila and Ikando village Authorities

Project Status: The project was completed and handed over to Ibumila and Ikando villages.