Finishing kitchen construction at Lugarawa Primary School

Project Name: Construction of Kitchen at Lugarawa Primary School

Project Code: TZNJ092

Project Budget: 21,238,092 (Twenty-One Million, Two hundred and Thirty Thousand and Ninety-Two Tanzania Shillings Only)

Project Timeframe:

Project Donor: Nessuno Escluso Onlus Organization

Project Location: Lugarawa Village at Ludewa District, Iringa Region (Currently Njombe Region)

Project Beneficiaries: Community of Lugarawa Primary School.

Project Description:

The project was based on construction of the school kitchen at Lugarawa Primary School. Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO) and Nessuno Escluso Onlus Organization were agreed to implement this project for the aim of improving education environment at Lugarawa Village.

SHIPO was responsible for community sensitization, monitoring/supervision, evaluation,

creation of community sense of ownership of the project. And the community was responsible to provide helpers (e.g. local masons, local materials etc.) during the entire construction period.

SHIPO will be responsible for the implementation of the activities by using its approaches.

Organization/ Business/ Government Agencies Involved to Implement the Project:

  • Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO)
  • Nessuno Escluso Onlus Organization
  • Lugarawa Village

Project Status:The project was completed and handed over to Lugarawa Primary School at Lugarawa Village