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Boresha Elimu Mbozi 2021 Q1 updates

Boresha Elimu Mbozi, the project implemented by SHIPO in collaboration with Mbozi District Council under the support of Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF) keeps moving forward. The main activities conducted from January to April 2021 are the following:

Two days refresher training to child protection committees, conducted at village level in 19 villages

The reason behind this activity/output is to improve parents engagement in education process of the children.

SHIPO in collaboration with Gender Desk, Welfare Officers and Community Development officers from Mbozi District, conducted a 2 days refresher training to child protection committees in each village within the project coverage (19 villages). The main purpose of the training were to remind the committees members about their responsibilities and raising and reporting the child abuse cases. This activity reached directly 412 (Males 259 Females 153) child protection committee’s members at village level.

SHIPO together with local government authorities (LGAs) from Mbozi District conducted a refresher awareness creation meeting on child rights among parents and the community members in each of the 20 schools’ villages in five wards.

The output of this was to improve parents engagement in education process of the children. The topics discussed in the meetings were: childs rights, how to keep children safe in their surrounding environment, how to raise child in good manner and safe one, how to engage on their childrens education so as to raise their performance. This activity reached 2,500 (1,500 male, and 1,000 female) parents/community members. The methods which were used during the creation of awareness are public address system, questions and answers and group discussion.


The Mbozi Famers Livelihood project is an integrated project that involves three implementors namely Heifer Tanzania, SHIPO and Mbozi district council. The project main objective is improving WASH services to schools and community by constructing improved latrines to schools, rainwater harvesting systems to ten schools, provision of training to WASH infrastructure caretakers and community water user’s association as well as the provision of WASH awareness education.

The project is being executed into ten villages which are Isansa, Iwalanje, Haterere, Shiwinga, Igamba, Itepula, sambewe, Rungwa, Mpito and Nasama


This project targets to help Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) through the provision of psycho-social support and building structures in the community. In addition to that, the project is also incapacitating fostering parents by providing them with Avocados seedling so that they establish their own Avocado farming business that would enable them to get money to help their families. Prior to all these, fostering parents are given training in a proper family upbringing in relation to the project objective.