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Raleigh Hygiene Latrines for Nundu and Peruhanda

Project Name:

Raleigh Girls Hygiene Latrines

Project Code:


Project Donor:

Raleigh International

Project Time Frame:

April to December 2016

Project Location:

Nundu village, Yakobi Ward in Njombe District  / Peruhanda village, Mjimwema Ward in Njombe District.


Girls Pupils at Peruhanda and Nundu primary school


Aim to support rural communities to deliver hygiene education and health awareness activities, demonstrations and training to promote improved hygiene behaviour change. A gender specific toilets block will be constructed in two primary schools in order to Improve school attendance and achievement rates amongst female pupils.

It will directly benefit 450 young girls pupils and aims to achieve a 15% increase in the number of girls completing their education at the targeted schools.

Organizations/ Businesses/ Government Agencies Involved in Implementation of the Project:

  • Releigh Tanzania,
  • Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO),
  • Njombe Town Council (NTC),
  • Peruhanda and Nundu Village.

Project Status:

The project ended and handed over successful to the targeted society of Nundu and Peruhanda Villages.


In collaboration with WeWorld Tanzania, a branch of an Italian Organization, SHIPO is implementing the “Mawengi, Mlangali and Milo Integrated Education (MAMMIE) Project 2014-2017. The project aims at improving the quality of education in 20 primary schools in Ludewa District, Tanzania.


MAMMIE stands for Mawengi, Mlangali and Milo, this is an Integrated Education Project which aims at contributing effectively to the development of quality education in 20 Primary schools in Ludewa District, South of Njombe Region in Tanzania. The main objective of this project is to create conducive learning environment for about 1,000 Pre-Primary school pupils, 6,500 Primary school pupils and 188 Pre and Primary school teachers.

In 2014 SHIPO (Southern Highlands Participatory Organization) started implementing the MAMMIE project in collaboration with WeWorld Onlus, which is a branch of an Italian Organization.


  • Improving the quality of education and leaning environment
  • All schools are provided with adequate water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, along with hygiene education.
  • Raising teachers, parents and pupil’s awareness on the principles and practices for good nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Improve teachers, parents and pupils (especially STD 6 &7) awareness on HIV-AIDS, reproductive health, child rights and gender.

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, we designed an integrated approach which encompassing software and hardware interventions.

HARDWARE INTERVENTION: This include construction of schools building i.e classrooms,latrines, dinning halls and kitchens. Not only that but also provision of equipment/ teaching and learning materials to the schools i.e. books, furniture and other tools.


Despite higher pupils’ enrollment in primary schools in Tanzania, the country is still faced with problem of inadequate infrastructures. This has a huge impact on improving the quality of education especially in rural areas, which is one on the main objectives of this project. As part of the implementation MAMMIE project works on construction and rehabilitation of different school buildings.

The table below shows the number/type of school buildings constructed/rehabilitated by January 2017.

Types of infrastructure Total
Construction/rehabilitation of classrooms 9
Teacher’s office 1
Water points 6
Latrine blocks/ pit latrines 8/50
Kitchens with dining halls 5
Dining halls 5
Rehabilitation of existing kitchens 2
Construction of rainwater harvesting system 1


Shortage of textbooks and other teaching/learning materials has affected education sector. In an initiative aimed at providing quality education to Pre and Primary school pupils which is the main objective of this project we come up with the learning/ teaching materials provision scheme. This initiative seeks to counter the shortage of resources in the 20 schools that we we are working.

The table below outlines the type/number of material provided to January 2017.

Item Provided To be Provided Progress
Pre-primary book kits 14 0 100%
Teaching aid kit primary 7 0 100%
Pre-primary chairs 360 0 100%
Pre-primary tables 120 0 100%
Pre-primary cupboards 7 0 100%
Kitchen tools 20 0 100%
Pre-primary teaching aids kit 7 1 88%
New pots 16 4 80%
Primary schools desks 200 80 71%
Primary schools tables 66 47 58%
Primary schools cupboards 49 35 58%
Primary schools textbooks Books 2209 2291 49%
Primary schools chairs 60 80 43%
Sport and Playground equipment kits 0 20 0%


Improving sanitation is crucial because children’s ability to learn may be affected by inadequate of water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in several ways. As a result of that, pupils can be exposed to contaminants that cause them to suffer from different disease thus will definitely affect their school attendance and performances. We have worked on improving/constructing water supply, sanitation and hygiene infrastructures to make sure that all the 20 schools have access to the above mentioned services.

A) Water Supply infrastructures

We installed 6 wells fitted locally produced pumps in Mapogoro, Mavala, Ikalo, Madunda, Mawengi and Milo Primary Schools. And 1 rainwater harvesting system is finalized in Kitewele.

B) Sanitation

Without school latrines, pupils are exposed to unconfined waste, which makes them vulnerable to sickness and thereby more likely to miss school. Furthermore, when girls are in the period of menstruation, lack of latrines and changing rooms makes them prone to physical and verbal harassment from other students without a safe and private space to clean themselves. Because of that, most of the girls decide not to attend school at all during menstruation period. To solve the problem we have done the following as explained on the table below;

Name of the School Infrastructures
Madunda 6 latrines (18 drop holes, urinal and 1 changing room
Lufumbu 1 latrine (8 drop holes for girls and 1 changing room
Ligumbiro 1 latrine (8 drop holes for girls and 1 changing room
Luvungo 2 latrines (4 drop holes for girls& boys 1 changing room and 1 urinal
Itundu 1 block latrine for teachers
Mawengi 1 block latrine for teachers



Great teachers help create great pupils!

We train and support teachers, school managements and schools committees,because teachers are expected to use the best practices and strategies to improve the quality of education. If teachers are well trained and highly motivated, learning will be enhanced.

For that reason, we have been conducting different training to school management, teachers and school’s committees to help improve teaching methodologies and techniques, as well as school management skills.


Type of Training Objective Who Attended
Training in School Management and Leadership To provide tools, knowledge and motivation to head teachers and selected members of school committees. This training also explored the role and the responsibilities of school committees. Head teachers and school committee’s members for all the 20 schools
Training for teachers in Pre-Primary Education To provide teachers with tools, techniques and motivation on providing quality education to pupils at Pre-primary levels. The focus was on learning by playing approach and in the use of Montessori teaching aids. 60 Pre-Primary school teachers
Training in English and Mathematics The objective of this training was to identify topics under the Tanzanian primary education syllabus which teachers find more difficult for teaches to teach then enable them. 52 teaches from 13 schools
Training on menstrual hygiene management The objective was to help female pupils understand basic hygiene issues during menstruation while at school/home. To also encourage teachers/ family members to support girls attend school during their menstruation. Teachers, Pupils and parents from 4 primary schools